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Download Samsung USB Driver Latest v1.5.63.0

samsung usb driver

Here you should download Samsung USB driver for Mobile Phones or Tablets. we've provided the newest version of the drivers for Windows 7, 8,8.1 and 10 OS.

A USB connection remains an integral part of any android phone or tablet. whereas the cloud computing era has begun and simply permits you to share, sync, and transfer files over the cloud. however the service has its downfall at the instant and is still not widely adopted yet. we've so stepped up the game on Smartphones, have made them additional powerful and useful.

The manufacturer so offers its own Kies software, that comes with the drivers as well. however if you want to install only the USB driver as standalone, then this article is simply the place for you. we are going to also offer you with a direct link to download Samsung Kies software as well.

The USB driver is only available for Windows and is significantly small in size, approximately 9.4 MB. If you’re using macOS or UNIX system, you wouldn’t want any driver. simply connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to the computer. The provided driver can work for any Samsung Galaxy device like Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Nexus, and more.

Download Samsung USB Driver Latest Version V1.5.63.0

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