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How to Flash MIUI Version and Custom Rom on Anti-Rollback Enable device

how to downgrade anti rollback enabled devices

Recently Xiaomi has Announce a brand new Anti-Rollback feature, and that we all are annoyed with this new update. This new feature is that the a part of MIUI 10 update. presently this New Anti-Rollback is just for Redmi Note 5 pro and Redmi 5 Plus/Redmi Note 5. thus if you're a Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 professional user, then this new policy applies to you.

What is Anti-Rollback
The name it self-say a lot, [Anti-Roll-back] suggests that you'll be able to not Roll-back the earlier version of the package. Let’s assume your device (Redmi Note 5 Pro) is running on MIUI 10 global Beta 8.6.28, and you get an update of MIUI 8.7.5, and this latest update (8.7.5) is Anti-Roll back Enabled which mean that if you update your, device in MIUI 10 global beta 8.7.5 then you'll be able to not Downgrade your Xiaomi device in 8.6.28.
If you Flash any Custom Recovery (TWRP or Redwolf) and try to Downgrade your Xiaomi device, then it'll brick your device, not simply a Soft brick a hard Brick. hard Brick means that your device Motherboard is damaged. Even Xiaomi Care can also not Fix this issue. the only answer is to switch the motherboard of your device. currently you need to have understood what's Anti-Rollback, within the easy word you'll be able to not downgrade an Anti-Rollback Enabled device. If you wish to understand a lot of regarding Anti-Rollback, then watch this Video and if you’re reaching to see a hard Brick Demo then look into this video.

Currently, only Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 professional is an Anti-Rollback Enabled device. However, you'll be able to flash a more recent version of MIUI on redmi note 5 pro, however you'll be able to not flash any previous version of MIUI on it. currently how you'll Flash a Custom rom or any previous MIUI version on your Redmi Note 5 pro.

How to Flash Any MIUI Version and Custom rom on Redmi Note 5 pro (Anti-Rollback enabled device).
Today post I show you the way you'll be able to flash MIUI global Beta rom or a way to return to MIUI global Stable rom or the way to Flashing any Custom rom on Redmi Note 5 pro (Anti-Rollback enabled device). thus Follow the all step very carefully and don’t skip any step.

Locked Bootloader
So the initial method we are going to try the lock bootloader device. Currently, My Redmi note 5 pro is running on MIUI 9 global Stable rom and the way I will flash MIUI 10 global Beta rom on my Redmi Note 5 pro.

So 1st of all download the latest MIUI 10 global Beta rom for Redmi Note 5 pro. don't download an older version if you have got a locked bootloader. Once you have to download, the global beta rom move it to your device internal storage.

Now it’s time to Flash this rom on your device. So, 1st of all, go to your device settings>About Phone> System update. tap on 3 DOT icon on the right Side>Choose update package>locate the earlier downloaded MIUI 10 global Beta rom zip file choose it, and Flash it. (Note – before flashing this package take a full backup of your Redmi note 5 Pro) Once you choose accept and Continue the rom are going to be flash. currently your device takes around 5-10 minute to flash this rom. after booting you'll be able to See the fresh MIUI 10 global Beta rom on your device. thus finally you have successfully flashed MIUI 10 rom on your Redmi Note 5 pro.

How to Install previous Version of MIUI rom on Redmi Note 5 pro or Anti-Roll back Enabled Device
Now let’s assume you're running on MIUI 10 global Beta rom that has the Anti-Roll back feature enabled. And you wish to go back to the MIUI global Stable rom. the method is similar to the above. now download the latest MIUI 9 (Currently MIUI ten global Stable version isn't released) global Stable rom for Redmi note 5 professional. Next method is the same because the above method simply Flash this MIUI nine rom.

Note:- if your device gets stuck on the boot logo for around 8-10 Min. then Hold the power button for few seconds, and the device can boot itself and boot back to the MIUI nine rom.

So if you have a locked bootloader download the newest global Beta rom or download the latest global Stable rom and you'll not end up bricking your device.
Unlocked bootloader (With Custom Recovery Installed)
This method could be a bit totally different as the normal method thus don’t skip any Step. during this method, i will be able to show you ways you can Flash a Custom rom and Custom Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi note 5 pro that is Anti-Roll back enabled. so 1st of all download all these files.

Make sure your Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro Bootloader is unlocked (How to unlock the bootloader of a Xiaomi device)

Download ADB Drivers

Download TWRP or Redwolf Recovery for Redmi Note 5 pro. (how to put in Custom recovery on any android device)

Download Dummy Image file

Download Custom rom for Redmi Note 5 pro if the rom needs the Gapps then download the Gapps zip file too

Download Magisk zip installer (if you wish to Root Your device)

Download Lazyflasher zip file

First of Install ADB driver on your pc. the way to install ADB driver on Windows and macintosh Machine. once putting in ADB driver move Dummy.img and Custom Recovery zip file to ADB driver Folder (C: drive).

Now boot your device into Fastboot Mode. (First shut down the device, Hold the volume down the + power key for few seconds). now connect your device with your pc Via a USB cable.

First of all, open the power Shell or command prompt window on your pc (ADB Driver Folder). Hold the Shift Button on your keyboard and Right click on any blank space. now you'll be able to see a Powershell windows option click on this and open your Command or PowerShell window.

Command method
Now type your first command Fastboot devices this command shows you whether your device is correctly connected to your pc or not.

Second Command Fastboot Flash antirbpass dummy.img Press enter, and now the Dummy image is Flashed on your device.

Now flash the Custom Recovery on your device.

Type Fastboot Flash Recovery TWRP.img here TWRP is my recovery name. In your case, the name is also totally different.

Now if you wish to disconnect your device with your laptop, then you can. Before booting your device into Recovery mode first of all Move Custom rom (here I’m using my favorite custom rom Resurrection Remix) and if you wish to Root your device then move Magisk zip file.

Now boot your Redmi Note 5 pro into Recovery Mode, however you'll be able to boot a Xiaomi device into Recovery mode Hold the volume up + Power key at the same time for few seconds. after a few seconds, you'll be able to see the TWRP recovery on your redmi note 5 pro.

Before flashing the Custom rom tap on Wipe and wipe your data. this may clean the apps and data of the device. Once that done, return tap on Install and choose the earlier downloaded Custom rom and Gapps zip file and flashed it. If you wish to Root this rom, then Flash the Magisk zip file too. Once everything is finished tap on boot System and boot your device. first boot takes around 5-10 minutes. thus with this method, you'll be able to simply flash Custom rom on an Anti-Rollback Enabled devices.
Now how to go from Custom rom to MIUI 10 global Stable or global Beta rom
If you wish to Flash the latest Version of MIUI 10, then the method is easy, simply transfer the MIUI 10 global Beta or global Stable (Whatever you wish to flash). now the way to Flash Latest MIUI 10 version on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro. first of all Move MIUI 10 rom and Lazyflasher zip file on your device Internal storage. after Moving boot your Xiaomi device into recovery mode.

First of all tap on Wipe and Swipe Right to left to clean or Wipe your data. Once done, return and tap on Install choose the latest MIUI 10 zip file. Flash, only the most recent or newest zip file on the current date, don’t try to install older zip file. Also, don’t forget to flash the Lazy flasher zip file. Flash the Lazyflasher after flashing the MIUI 10 Latest rom. once flashing is finished tap on boot System and boot your device. After this, you'll be able to see MIUI rom on your Redmi Note 5 pro.

Install Older Version of MIUI rom On Redmi Note 5 pro
Now Let’s assume if you wish to put in the older MIUI version then don't download the rom on Official MIUI web site. only open this XDA Thread link. Here you'll be able to download the Older MIUI version for your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro (both Stable and global Beta).  This MIUI rom is while not the firmware version which can brick your device. If you flash this MIUI rom on your Redmi note 5 pro, it'll not brick your device. thus if you wish to put in an older version of MIUI rom then only flash the without firmware version file.

Final verdict
In this blog post, we cover most topics related to MIUI anti Rollback for Redmi Note 5 pro. i need to inform you once more don’t skip any step as a result of one mistake will brick your device. Last but not the least, If something goes wrong then i'm not responsible.

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